A message to all readers and supporters.

The Commentariat,

Unaligned, Transparent, Robust.

Three words that are and always will be the backbone and if you must ‘slogan’ for The Commentariat. The very first word and most important is ‘Unaligned’. Upon creating a political news driven website I wanted it to be a platform that was original in its delivery of information. All around us we see papers that we know are aligned to either the left or right. We also see websites that have clear political objectives and never even risk posting anything that may upset their audience. This is a real problem in our ‘rage bait’ social media age. I for one have seen it first hand with readers announcing they are unfollowing because the article did not fit their hard political stance. Although frustrating, I knew this concept for a broad spectrum of political views would be difficult.

It is however, something that The Commentariat will stand by and will continue to address the issues that surround political polarization. Political polarization refers to the cases in which an individual’s stance on a given issue, policy, or person is more likely to be strictly defined by their identification with a particular ideology, for example liberal or conservative. I have taken this stance as I believe that correct political stances are never always on one side. Evidence of this can be seen just by how people vote. Elections are usually pretty close between the left and right parties. To me this demonstrates that the correct answers lie on both sides and not just one. After all, if one side had all the answers we wouldn’t have changes in government from left to right back and fourth.

Moving on, the second word ‘Transparent’ was rather a less difficult decision. Transparent journalism is the most important part of The Commentariat. Without it we are nothing, and it only takes one slip to ruin all of everyone’s hard work and reputation. I truly don’t give a shit where my contributors align themselves on the political spectrum, all I worry about is if they are telling the truth or not. If that day comes where fake news is published. I can assure you the culprit will never write a headline again.

Last but not least, ‘Robust’. Journalism is a tough gig believe me. We stick our heads out arguably more than any other profession. I have received inboxes of both love and hate. I have experienced sleepless nights due to stress or overwhelming feelings of self consciousness on my videos. That is why ‘Robust’ is the final word. Not only must journalists remain strong but also stand by their work, and deliver work that is powerful to the viewer.

In just six months The Commentariat has published almost 100 articles, 7 videos and been read in over 70 countries. I am excited to see what the future holds and I am thankful that you have been along for the ride. A ride that has been unaligned, transparent and robust.