Morrison gains ground as Palmer gives preferences.

Scott Morrison is closing in on Labor Leader Bill Shorten with the most recent betting odds having the current PM at $3 to win, down from $4 a few weeks ago. This comes after the latest Newspoll results displaying just how much ground the coalition is gaining. Overall, the Liberals sit at the top of the primary vote with 38% respectively. Labor is right behind at 37% with the Greens at 9% and Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party polling a remarkable 5% in his late dash to the finish line off the back of his $50 million campaign budget.

Palmer’s 5% holds a large number of voters and just yesterday, Mr. Palmer announced he would be giving his preferences to the Coalition and not Labour which could be the deciding factor as the election continues to get closer and closer.

Knowing just how important the preferences of the smaller parties will be Scott Morrison surprisingly announced he would be putting Labor ahead of the revamped One Nation Party under Mark Latham and Pauline Hanson. Although with only few weeks until the polling booths open one can imagine Mr. Morrison backing down from his announcement and committing too every option available to win the unwinnable election. Even if that means placing One Nation above Labor on their preferences. One thing for certain is too expect the odds to get closer as election day lurks towards us.