Why ‘the Greens’ parties will lose the 2020 Presidential Elections in Croatia.

I am born in a country that has the Liberals (Croatian Democratic Union – ‘the Blues’) and the Labor (Social-Democratic Party – ‘the Reds’). In Croatia we have some spectrums of ‘Greens Parties’, and small parties dispersed through regions of Croatia.

The ‘Greens Parties’ do not possess any significant influence in Croatian society because the majority of the population believe that the greens have tendencies towards use drugs, fighting against traditional values (family, gender, etc.), scare people about dangerous pollution and talk nonsense about better organization of life (both individual and collective).

Both ‘the Blues’ and ‘the Reds’ have the same origin – Communist League of Croatia (branch of Communist League of Yugoslavia); communism perished in 1991, since then we have former communists who discovered their true ethnic origin and traditional values (‘the Blues’) and there are former communists who reformed their old communist beliefs into softer socialist values.

The spectrum of ‘Greens Parties’ is made up by people who were tortured during the Communist rule because of anti-social ideas. Anti-social ideas were developed by the Baby-Boomers in late 1960’s and early 1970’s.

Anti-social ideas were hippy counterculture, smoking weed, refusing to serve compulsory military service, having ideas about vegetarian restaurants, convincing farmers to use less chemicals in production of crops and having concerns about pollution.

In February 2020, Croatians will choose a new president. I like to say that ‘the Blues’ and ‘the Reds’ are two wings of one entity. Whoever of those two wins, the old pathway (created since 1991) will continue.


What exactly is the Old Pathway?

There are a few very important aspects. During the Civil War in Croatia (1991-1995) and a few years after, the Blues sold ineffective public assets to Germans. The Germans carefully chose areas of the Croatian economy to invest into. Germans did not invest in maintenance and creation of new assets of electrification of Croatian Railways. They instead constructed the Autobahn (German-style motorway), connecting existing Autobahns of Central Europe (Slovenia and Hungary) with the Croatian coastline. During construction of the Autobahn, plenty of wildlife and forests were destroyed. The Autobahn is source of noise (which scares away remaining wildlife), vehicles pollute air, peasants cannot grow organic crops and livestock because the environment is modified (biologically, chemically and physically).

Why do I like to say that environment nearby the Autobahn is modified biologically, chemically and physically?

The Germans did not follow procedures in purpose to minimize harm to the environment, wildlife, residential objects, agricultural land and population. In any other country, the German investor would face series of serious regulations. During late 1990’s, ‘the Blues’ let enormous investments without making necessary rules. It is worth to mention that the Autobahn investments came from the country that is very proud of its significant Green Party.

The German Greens are currently holding between five and ten percent of German votes. The German Greens can influence decisions in German society regarding ecological issues. On other side, the German Greens never questioned activities and consequences of German investments. The German Greens leave that activity to local Greenies.

Local Croatian Greens cannot succeed in February 2020 Presidential Elections because:

–              They are not as united as German Greens

–              Even being united, they cannot get over five percent of votes in the first round of elections

–              Even if united Croatian Greens could get five or six percent of votes, that number is not significant for being used as support to either the ‘Reds’ or ‘Blues’; citizens of Croatia often re-elect ‘the Blues’ or vote against ‘the Blues’. In either circumstance, the gap between ‘Blues’ and ‘Reds’ is so wide, and the electoral body of the Greens cannot fill that gap.

Now I will leave alone the Greens and focus on an average Croatian voter!

Why is a peasant willing to provide its vote to either ‘the Blues’ or ‘the Reds’?

–              A peasant willingly accepts any kind of ‘free-by’ investments. A peasant is short-sighted, does not see that German investor collects tolls and does not pay for any damages caused to Croatian environment.

–              A peasant will willingly become men-gentlemen by purchasing an imported second-hand car (Germany gets rid of old standard CO2 emission cars, Euro 3 and Euro 4), willingly turning its homeland into yard for discarded cars.

–              A peasant believes that forests and wildlife are not legacy of its family. None of its business.

–              A peasant is not willing to be peasant. Otherwise, it would desperately defend grounds where crops are grown and livestock raised. A peasant has ambition to abandon its village and relocate in a city (where is cleaner and easier life).

Now, a Greenie against greedy average Croatian voter!

The Greens warn Croatian public about costs of ‘free-by’ investments.

The Greens are against import of old standard CO2 emission cars. On the other side, the Greens promote an upgrade of existing railway networks. In reality, the railway infrastructure rots and turns into rust, some railway stations in bigger cities are turned into shopping malls, and some international trains (towards Hungary and Serbia) are either totally cancelled or reduced. They fight for the Croatian environment and promote self-sustainability of towns and villages. The majority of Croatian voters do not like the Greens.

The majority of Croatian voters adore their homeland in a similar manner as a pack of cigarettes.