Why the Greens will be getting my vote and always do.

In just a few months Australia will decide between Liberal or Labor in the upcoming election. Whilst it appears a decision between two distinct political parties, I like to think of them both as the one entity; The Australian Laberal Party. Australian politics is pretty tame, which can be viewed as a good thing or a bad thing depending on your world perspective. Good in the sense that things aren’t so bad that we vote for far right or left but bad in the sense that if when we’re voting for one of the major parties we’re really getting much of the same thing. They both share similar ideologies and take millions of dollars from lobbyists.

There are many reasons why I have always voted for the Greens. The first being that they don’t take money from lobbyists when those lobbyists do not share common values and ideals. Therefore, they are not influenced by banks or fossil fuel companies for example.

Secondly, their policies on public transport make so much sense and it frustrates the hell out of me when the Laberals build new toll roads instead of actually thinking about transport critically. For example, the Greens focus on moving people and goods rather than vehicles. Their transport policy could be used to support the achievement of positive environmental, social, economic and public health outcomes. They aim to make public transport so efficient and fast that even the rich ride with the poor.

Thirdly, their progressive stance on Marijuana legalisation. The fact that we are not taxing a plant that is being taxed in other parts of the world, bringing in billions of dollars in tax revenue is beyond me. Legalised states in the USA have been able to spend new money on schools, hospitals and infrastructure. They have also been able to save millions on reducing numbers in the criminal system.

Fourthly, they care about the environment. The Greens want a society which lives within the ecological, resource and atmospheric limits of the planet. As well as dramatic action on global warming to maintain a stable climate system conducive to the preservation of our environment. Which makes sense seeing as by all reports climatic catastrophe seems to be lurking closer year by year, election by election.

Last but not least, their influence. When I vote for them, I know that they won’t be elected but that doesn’t stop me. The Greens still influence policies that are created by the ‘Laberal’ parties. Previously, Labor has even had to form a coalition with the Greens to create a government. 

So, consider voting for the Greens this coming election. Just imagine an Australia where we all caught free, fast renewable powered transport, in a clean environment, whilst listening to Bob Marley.

Greens leader Richard Di Natale showing true passion.