Why is Norway gambling with women´s rights?

Ever since the Conservative Party was elected to parliament in 2013, Norway´s political scene has been filled with nothing but scandals.

After a shocking 2018, members of the parliament withdrew after allegations of sexual harassment, exploiting financial goods and inappropriate behaviour. 2019 also had a shocking start, when the Norwegian Christian party got the support from the prime minister to change the legislation regarding women´s right to end a pregnancy.

Ever since self-determined abortion became legal in 1978, women have had the right to have an abortion performed up until week 12, when the fetus is viable. However, if the pregnancy has exceeded this period and can be proven to be causing damage to the mother or the child, a committee can approve an abortion.

Krf, the Christian party, has on the bases of their religious values fought against this legislation. For the leading party to be able to stay in their position they need the support of Krf, who are now using the abortion issue as an ultimatum to stay in parliament.

As a step towards totally banning self-determined abortion, Krf are attempting to change the legislation so that twin abortion, and so-called ´downs abortion´ are no longer a possibility.

As the Conservative Party is desperate to stay in parliament, they have agreed to support Krf in their mission to change the legislation.

When did it become more important to be in charge than to do what’s best for the people? And is it okay for a party to do a turnaround just to ensure that they won´t lose any power?

Norwegian women have fought for the right to self-determined abortion since 1913, and it has played an important role in the battle for equality.

Changing the legislation would be a step in the wrong direction; some would even go to the lengths of drawing parallels between the fictional ´The handmaid’s tale´ and the issues up for discussion in the Norwegian parliament.