It’s 2069 and we are at war with climate.

The War against climate.

The year is 2069, and global emission reduction efforts were not enough. The polar caps melted, sea levels rose and drought has become a part of everyday life. The United Nations held countless climatic crisis conferences and have finally come to an agreement. Each nation has agreed and signed a treaty to commit to ‘Climate Moblization’. 

The last time humans faced global disaster on a similar scale was during World War II, and it forced humanity to unite and work on a single goal in order to survive. U.S President Franklin D. Roosevelt established ‘War Mobilization’, as factories that once produced civilian goods began churning out tanks, warplanes, ships, and armaments. Except now in 2069, a new method of survival instinct has begun and the enemy is climate. This latest concept is known as ‘Climate Mobilization’ and is similar to that of the ‘War Mobilization’; a form of Martial Law. Federal governments from all over the globe have come together to use their authority to decrease carbon emissions to zero as soon as possible, resulting in an economic shift no less significant and disorderly than throughout WWII.

Governments have focused on several climatic measures and law changes such as production controls on fossil fuel energy, climate employment guarantee and rapid production to ensure industrial transformation. Solar panels, wind turbines and geothermal heat pumps have been produced at record speeds and now anyone can get a job. The world has begun to see improvements, although it may not be enough. We heard on the news last week that geoengineering and weather modification could take place in every country with cloud seeding technology becoming accessible. More and more humans are deciding to leave Earth for Mars, which has seen its population grow at exponential rates over the past ten years.

We never knew WWIII would be against an enemy so versatile. This isn’t a war about religion, it’s a war about survival of the human race.