Has Joe Rogan sided with the Globalists?

Joe Rogan the original king of podcasts may have fall from his reign in what could be described as a boot licking to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. What happened on episode #1236 of the Joe Rogan Experience has left fans and anti-globalists utterly betrayed.

As of the 6th February 2019 the video has 10K likes and a staggering 64K dislikes. This proportion of likes to dislikes has never been seen before for the most watched podcaster in the world. Although it is for good reason.

The story begins back in 1998 where Joe becomes good friends Alex Jones (Info Wars). They both created content together, investigated conspiracies and shared similar political ideologies. Joe even had Alex on as his guest for episode #911 which to this day is the most watched podcast of all time. No thanks to iTunes though, who refused to show the views and subsequently joined in the now long line of cooperate elite companies becoming involved in political censorship.

Alex Jones Info Wars.

Fast forward to present day and Alex Jones has been banned, disabled and censored on almost every media platform. Especially Twitter, who permanently suspended Alex Jones and Info Wars back in September 2018. 

Therefore, having such an influential guest like Jack Dorsey on the podcast viewers wanted answers to all of this political censorship. On this occasion it did not happen and George Orwell was heard rolling in his grave.

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It was a sad day for Rogan who was once a rogue hard hitting podcaster. And he may have come to his senses as the following day he issued an apology to all of his fans and promised to have Jack Dorsey back on the podcast. In the mean time we will have to wait and see who’s side he is on. The cooperate globalists or the anti-establishment nationalists who gave him his very fame. One thing for certain is that people sell out and become to big for their own good, after all Rogan is paid through Cash App. Dorsey runs Cash App. Ill let you do the rest.