BuzzFeed has officially lost its buzz!

Clickbait media mogul BuzzFeed has officially lost its ‘buzz’ with the media company announcing mass job cuts to journalists all over the world.

Founded in New York just 13 years ago, the millennial favourite recently confirmed up to 1100 employee cuts globally were going to take place in order to turn a profit for the new year. BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti approving that overall this would be 15 per cent of all staff.

BuzzFeed and its 11 million likes on Facebook exhibited that the site upon first appearance appeared edgy, original and offered viewers not just news but also content to share. But now it seems the millennial’s have turned against ‘top ten ways to tell if she loves you’ or ‘top ten ways to beat a hangover’ and may be going back to hard hitting reporting.

It may in fact be a positive turn for social media news in our world of fake news and biased tabloid agendas. As this could be a point in history where the younger generation grows up and understands the importance of journalistic integrity.

However, Dr Fiona Martin, senior lecturer in online media at the University of Sydney said that this is not the death of BuzzFeed and that it was still one of the very few digital media companies in Australia and the world.

Looking through a different lens we may just have Trump to blame (or thank) as other left-wing media company Huffington Post also announced mass job cuts. It could just be that the younger generation is sick and tired of ‘fake news’ ‘clickbait’ and ultimately ‘buzzfeed’ broadcasting.

After all we are now in our 4th year of President Trump and it looks most likely to be heading towards the full 8 double term with Trump the clear favourite at $3 and next in line Democrats front runner Kamala Harris at $6.50. One thing for certain is that our media landscape is constantly changing and digital media only platforms have taken its first big hit.