Facebook must save journalism before its too late

All too often we hear of journalists getting sacked in an industry of already miniscule participants and dwindling funds. How could this be?

One of the main reasons is certain platforms stealing other journalists work. Time and time again a media outlet will spend thousands of dollars to send out their journalist to find you a story for it only to be copied and changed a little bit by someone else. The Daily Mail is the main perpetrator of this where they continually publish stories that they did not find themselves, thus reaping all the benefits from other journalists’ content. Just think about how a story goes viral, then all of a sudden, every platform has a piece on it. Sadly, there is nothing that can really be done as there are no laws in place to protect original content and it would be too costly to take the Daily Mail to court on a story to story basis.

Therefore, its about dam time Facebook and even Google started to introduce algorithms or even a new version of the ‘blue tick’ to protect journalists original work. Everyday people need to know where the original story came from so, they can receive the acclaim they deserve and ultimately the funds that helped bring the story to the reader. A new form of ‘blue tick’ could show the reader that what they are reading is original content. Or algorithms could be introduced to place original content at the top of the page which would help aid viewership.

Otherwise our world of ‘echo chamber social media news’ will completely destroy journalism to the point where only a few outlets can afford to find stories, thus making our news even more concentrated. One thing for certain is that an overhaul in the industry needs to happen sooner rather than later.