Has toxic feminism gone too far?

Negative public reaction to Gillette’s condescendingly simplistic new advertising campaign encouraging men to ‘shave off their male privilege’ should be a reality check for the radical left and mainstream media outlets. Is it time we also started to explore the role females play in society’s problems?

When did ideology and indoctrination become more appealing than logic and critical thought? When did mob justice and group think become more effective than due process? When did group identity usurp the individual? Welcome to modern day western society; where critical discussion goes to die. 

‘Toxic masculinity’ is a holistic term commonly used to describe Male feelings of entitlement, anger and vulnerability. The term is based loosely around the premise that there are underlying patriarchal structures in our society which indoctrinate young boys and force them to adhere to strict and stereotypical gender roles. These gender roles are said to promote aggression and dominance over compassion and equality. It’s a main component of the egalitarian ideology that permeates its way through all influential aspects of modern western society such as the media and educational institutions. 

After decades of shamelessly perpetuating idealised standards of the perfect male body, Men’s personal care company Gillette recently tried to capitalise on what they saw as shifting public opinion with a new advertising campaign titled, “We Believe: The Best Men Can Be”, where they encourage men to ‘shave off their male privilege’ and call out toxic masculinity. Don’t think the irony was lost on the public because this opportunistic exercise in virtue signalling backfired spectacularly. Mainly due to its embarrassingly simplistic composition and reliance on a flawed ideology. At the time of writing, the YouTube campaign video had 104 thousand dislikes to 10 thousand likes; an overwhelming vote of disapproval. 

The problem with all ideologies is that they attempt to assign simplistic, one size fits all answers to complex problems. The modern-day radical ideologues would have you believe that the patriarchy and toxic masculinity are the root of all problems when it comes to issues of violence and intimidation against Women. The problem with this assumption is that it’s just plain wrong. It’s ignorant at best and tremendously narcissistic at worst to deduce that the entire structure of Western Society is based upon a perverted Male desire to control the Female. Could it be instead that the Male experience is not what the mainly middle aged, privileged white Women would have you believe?

Crime statistics in Australia clearly dictate that Male violence is not constrained only to the opposite sex. In fact, male victims of violent assault and almost all other main crime categories are in the majority. Males are also more likely to be incarcerated, fight in wars, killed in workplace accidents and commit suicide. Does this sound like a society systematically created over generations to benefit Men over Women?