USA is racking in billions in marijuana industry.

In America 30 states as of 2018, have legalised marijuana in some form, whilst eight have fully legalised for recreational use. The legal marijuana industry in the United States was estimated to be worth over US$10 billion in 2017. Injecting 10 billion dollars into an economy is simply remarkable and could explain why America’s economy is still doing so well.  

Once the new tax revenue is received by the states that have legalised, the government have been able to spend more on public services and ultimately improve society. Thus far, research shows that spending has increased on schools, mental health, substance abuse programs and law enforcement.

There has also been significant pressure eased on the judicial system in states of legalisation. Research from Berkeley Journal of Criminal Law ‘The Benefits of Marijuana Legalization and Regulation’ displays that the United States have made over ten million arrests for marijuana possession alone at an average of seven hundred thousand per year.

Enforcing these laws have cost the government on average US$3.6 Billion per year. These arrests included possession, cultivation and distribution of marijuana. The prevention of these arrests saves sacred public resources and eradicate marijuana court filings.

Currently, under Australian law of criminalisation all revenue and profits remain in the hands of the black market. A combined total of states that have decided to employ instead of arrest show that over 200, 000 jobs have been added to the American economy.