2018 was a good year for SJWs but bad for mankind… wait! peoplekind!

2018, a year where everyone was offended, boys were told they can have periods, Santa Clause re-branded as gender neutral. Capital letters, skirts and shorts were banned and ‘Toxic’ was named as Times word of the year.

In somewhat of a positive spin though all of these ‘progressive’ movements demonstrate something else. That is that Western societies around the world are doing quite well. After all, to able to whinge about such trivial, non nonsensical issues one must be in a position of supremacy. We don’t see any other parts of the world debating the same topics, heck women were only allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia this year.

Climate change, automation of labour and the power of multinational companies deserved more air time. But the fact that the West has been able to complain and discuss post-modern issues is something unique to Western culture. Asia, Africa and the Middle East may laugh with or at these issues, yet the truth is living standards in the West have never been healthier.

This year saw water detected on Mars. Researchers reversed the ageing process in mice. There were medical breakthroughs in Alzheimer’s disease, MS and breast cancer. Scientists restored the sight of two blind patients – which could mean an eventual cure for blindness. And finally, male birth control looks to be on the shelf sooner rather than later.

So yes, in 2018 if you weren’t outraged or offended you were probably pissed off at those who were. But remember, the world is still going strong and hey who knows maybe next year we may be in a position to discuss whether pieces of fruit are gender neutral or not.