69 is the new 49, at least not legally…for now…

Dutchman and former politician Emile Ratelband has had his bid to lower his legal age by 20 years rejected by a common-sense court in the Netherlands. Thankfully the floodgates were held back on this latest post-modern fiasco. The deconstruction of upholding social pillars has been a common theme throughout 2018. Yet many pundits, (including myself) think Mr Ratelband was in fact attempting to prove a point.

That is, this audacious push for choosing feelings over facts. Someone may ‘feel’ as if they are 20 years younger. But the simple fact is that biological DNA states otherwise. Here is a thought experiment: Man changes his age from 37 to 17, Woman then gets charged for underage sex. Or vice-versa. Now think about any legal formality that takes age into consideration, drinking, driving and gambling just to name a few. Age is an essential part of law and order and if societies decide to tamper with it just because of discrimination against age, then societies who implement this will simply implode.


The world needs critical thinkers now more than ever. Its worrisome that age changing has even been opened for debate. A debate that can only lead to debacle.