Vegan cube of truth raises honourable awareness

The fortnightly peaceful protest held by the Wollongong branch of the Anonymous for the Voiceless organisation-Agroup. Engages on direct action in pursuit of animal rights- has been showing provocative footage of animal slaughter and torture for the past year in one of Wollongong’s busiest areas. In order to raise awareness of abuse in several food industries.

Described as an ‘art performance’ by Vegan Australia,the Cube of Truth is a global movement which involves animal advocates wearing Guy Fawkes masks and creating a physical square whilst holding TV screens with the images of animal cruelty in abattoirs. The events are regularly held in busy shopping areas and has been subjected to furious debate between pedestrians and the protesters.

Martin Green, a Crown street mall security guard who regularly works during the Wollongong demonstrations, touched upon his own disagreement with the activist’s style of protesting.  

“we respect these guys right to protest, but it’s the footage that they’re showing which I and others don’t particularly approve of, no child or necessarily anyone needs to see this while doing their shopping.” Mr. Green said.

The footage used in the Wollongong protests are all according to Illawarra Vegan and Cube of Truth organiser, Benjamin Freeman,as things that are happening in the dairy, meat and egg industry on a day today basis.

“We’ve had a series of problems with the council regarding what we show to the public. Currently we are the most censored Cube of Truth in the world.” Mr. Freeman said. “It’s not like we aren’t sickened by these videos, the whole point we are here is to show you how sickening the footage is and to take action against it.”  

The movement which started in Melbourne mid last year, has since garnered worldwide media exposure. With 806 cities getting involved in the protest. The Cube of Truth is now in the planning stages of its biggest event yet, with 450 different locations preparing to do a Cube of Truth all at once. This is including the local suburb of Kiama, where Benjamin Freeman says big things are set to happen.

“We want to prove to the people of the Illawarra that this is a bigger issue than everyone thinks. It’s time to end the inhumane treatment of all animals.”

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