40 Schools ban skirts

At least 40 secondary schools have banned girls from wearing skirts in the UK this year alone.

Why? Might you ask. One possible reason may be the year that is coming to an end, 2018.

A year when post-modernism and political correctness escalated to a whole other level.

A level where totalitarian rules have been forced onto school kids.

Unfortunately, taking away a girl’s choice to wear a skirt unequivocally limits her freedoms.

Several schools noted that a significant reason for their decision was to aid extremely small (yet ever growing) minorities such as gender fluid, neutral or trans.

Ultimately, the virtue signalling schools have restricted liberties under ‘compassionate grounds.’

Even though the minorities themselves would likely enjoy the freedom to wear a skirt if that’s what they felt most comfortable in.

Critics of this new policy have debated that it could in fact reduce the number of girl attendances suggesting that some may feel uncomfortable in shorts.   

Other schools such as Oxfordshire’s Chiltern Edge Secondary School have even done the opposite and banned shorts as part of a ‘gender-neutral’ uniform policy.

Meaning the boys must now wear skirts. 

2018, A year where progressive pushes resulted in regressive restrictions.